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Meet AIR by Sequentia

A solution to close the gap between data production and interpretation in transcriptomics. Obtain your full Differential Gene Expression and Gene Ontology report within a few hours.


perform your own RNA-Seq data analysis at a fraction of the average price

Scientifically robust and reproducible

uses the latest, peer-reviewed bioinformatics methods & algorithms



run AIR from your mobile or tablet.

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navigate, download, save & share your results

The Birth of A.I.R.

RNA is widely thought to have been the first molecule and precursor of life.

Over time it has evolved, along with our study of this molecule, inspiring and culminating in the birth of A.I.R. as a revolutionary character in the RNA world.

RNA-Seq has emerged as the number one technique in transcriptomics, and now AIR is here to start an RNA-Seq Revolution!

Watch the start of the RNA-seq Revolution here.

The start is crucial

Starting with the correct data is critical to the success of the experiment.

Reduced errors

Human errors are quite common when managing many different files, especially when the files need to be ordered, processed and archived.

To avoid this problem, A.I.R. has been implemented with several options to check the integrity of the files, validate the information contained and prevent the improper use of archives, using an automated coupling file system.


Human-curated accuracy

One of the most important advances of A.I.R. is that it is able to perform automatic RNA-seq analysis akin to a human curated one. A.I.R. is able to do this by taking advantage of the intrinsic, informative characteristic of sequencing data.

Because of this, the only information required from you is the name of the species you are working on and the distance of this organism from the reference one, and all the other analysis parameters will be modified directly by reading into the raw data. AIR functions with both single and paired-end reads.

Absurdly easy to use

RNA-seq data analysis in 3 steps

Upload and validate

AIR has a reliable upload system with integrated recovery and resume functions to allow you to quickly and securely upload your data. You can also upload it directly from your Google Drive. Use the Validate button to check the integrity of your RNA-Seq data.


Select your reference genome

You have 45.000 genomes to choose from! Tell AIR what species you are working on or contact us for custom analysis.


Navigate through your results

Your results will load as they become available including a general view; full differential gene expression analysis (DEG) and Gene Ontology Enrichment Analysis GEOA tables and graphs. You can download everything and/or click ‘collaborate’ to share with your peers.


Real time analysis

Interact with your results thanks to our Time SNAP technology


Time SNAP technology

RNA-seq is usually performed using mRNA to compare the gene expression of experimental groups, which are composed of several biological replicates.

The most delicate step of the analysis is the quality control of the replicates, which is usually performed by a PCA clusterization to see the dispersion of the sample replicates.

Choosing to maintain or delete one or more replicates affects the results and, in order to assess the effects, it is necessary to repeat the analysis and check the results.

To avoid this time-consuming step, A.I.R. has a system called Time SNAP that is able to create an interactive PCA of the replicates and offers you the possibility of adding or removing sample replicates in real time, and changing the adhered results accordingly. Get more from your gene pathway analysis using AIR.


What our users say

"Easy, Rapid, Effective: A.I.R. is going to revolutionize the RNA-Seq world. In just few mouse clicks and without any prior bioinformatics knowledge, A.I.R. takes us from the raw data to differentially expressed genes and gene ontology maps.
The software is user-friendly and the results are easy to see and export as publication-quality figures. A.I.R. is unique in its simplicity and accuracy. I anticipate that A.I.R. will become an indispensable everyday tool for RNA-Seq analyses."
Dr. Paloma Mas
CSIC Research Professor of Plant Development and Signal Transduction at Center for Research in AgriGenomics CRAG, Spain
"AIR touches pretty much every stage of RNA-seq data and statistical analysis we need in our lab. AIR allows fast, reliable and informative RNA-seq analysis for unlimited number of samples and experimental conditions. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a user and pocket friendly bioinformatics tool."
Dr. Antonio Adamo
Assistant Professor at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST, Bese Division Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
"Developing A.I.R has been our biggest and most exhilarating challenge to date. We are so excited to offer you what we believe is going to be a game-changer in the world of bioinformatics! We would like to thank all people involved in the project for their hard work. We have just been awarded the SME Instrument Phase I of the H2020 program, in the “Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme” – do you think A.I.R. is disruptive? Please go ahead and try it for free now and let us know your feedback!"
Dr. Walter Sanseverino Sanges
CEO & Co-founder Sequentia Biotech


Data Upload and file validation

Run an RNA-seq analysis

A.I.R. Pricing

Register for Free: check out of all AIR’s features

If you are an academic user and wish to request a free trial*, please drop us a line at

Please contact us at for pricing information.

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* Free trial conditions: results are available for one year. Raw data and intermediate data will be deleted after one month.
Data will be stored for longer for paid samples. All the data and results are available to download locally.

Accepted payment methods: debit or credit card, Paypal, bank transfers. You can also create a virtual wallet you can top up at any time.

If you have a high number of samples, want multiple access to AIR for several departments or you need to use a different payment method please contact us.

We offer licenses that provide access to the entire A.I.R. Platform in addition to support from our team of bioinformaticians and engineers.
Contact Us for your custom RNA-seq analysis. At Sequentia, we have experience with custom, complex projects through our consulting business.


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